Fabrican – Spray your own band aid

Fabrican is innovating the way a spray can applies plasters and bandages to support injuries in healthcare to a more personalised approach. 1. What is it? A non-woven fabric which can be sprayed straight onto skin. The material is a mixture of synthetic and natural fibres including linen, wool and silk. 

This may STING a little – needle innovation

How the wood wasp is changing the needle game by… laying eggs! 1. What is it? STING- Soft Tissue Intervention and Neurosurgical Guide The STING project is currently developing a state of the art flexible needle engineered to allow fine control  and create alternative routes around specific areas in precision surgery. Inspired by the wood…

TruDiagnosis for World Tuberculosis day 2018

Tuberculosis still remains in the top 10 cause of death, worldwide. Problem: TB is a bacterial infection which requires antibiotic treatment Cultures to identify the bacterium can take a long time- days Pushing us to treat with broad spectrum antibiotics Increasing risk of further antibiotic resistance Solution: TruDiagnosis

aerSleep- breathe easy, dream easy

A device the size of a £2 coin could help millions of people all over the world suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea dream better! Find out how this tiny contraption can help improve airflow while you sleep… 1.What is it? A small disc which records data on air supply embedded in a vacuum collar which…

Asthma attack

Patient X presents with the following symptoms: acute shortness of breath unable to speak fluently fatigue anxiety 1. What is happening?

Introducing Patient X

Welcome to the unfortunate events of patient X, a virtual patient with whom we will be exploring a range of medical events and technology in order to create a more organised space to see how far research is increasing the patient experience. First, we will be starting off with some respiratory events as the airways…