CRISPR/Cas9- Genome editing

CRISPR technology is reshaping genetics as we know it, moving us onto a new level of personalised medicine.  1.What is it? CRISPR – Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats CRISPR/ Cas9 is a DNA phage- enzyme complex which can remove and insert genetic material with high specificity and sensitivity, as a complex exclusive to the…

iKnife makes the cut

Where the knife directs the surgeon. 1. What is it? An intelligent knife also known as the “sniffing scalpel.” This device is an electrosurgical knife attached to a mass spectrometer which detects the boundary between healthy and cancerous tissue in surgery in real-time.

Fabrican – Spray your own band aid

Fabrican is innovating the way a spray can applies plasters and bandages to support injuries in healthcare to a more personalised approach. 1. What is it? A non-woven fabric which can be sprayed straight onto skin. The material is a mixture of synthetic and natural fibres including linen, wool and silk.